All I wanted was a pack of skittles…

I realize that in a (relatively) 9-to-5 job you get bored. So does everyone else. Here’s my thing though, I’ll talk to you if I want to. I’m not a bad or mean person don’t get me wrong. Just, if all I am trying to do is get from my desk to the vending machine and back I really don’t need your life story to intervene in that sequence. As well, I don’t need someone complaining once I get to the machine about how come you got your sugar fix and the machine denied me mine and ate my money instead. Well, maybe the machine is dropping some hints since you won’t listen to your doctor. How about that for an answer fat boy?

These are the things I think about, all tucked away in my head, like every other person. We go around smiling and saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when really we want to yell “Shut the f@#$ up! let me have my candy, money, bathroom break, coffee…etc. and just leave me alone!”. I haven’t quite decided if we’re all morons appealing to the general public or I’m just a tool… In any case why is it only people we label that seem to have the gumption to come out and say these things directly, and when they do everyone gets incredibly insulted and demands that this person undergo therapy for their abnormal behaviour?

Whether it’s a sub-habit under a true medical affliction like Tourettes or Autism, where they either ‘lack control’ of what is being said or do not have a clear understanding of what ‘they are doing wrong‘. Or without a medical history this person is simply named an asshole, rude, a douchebag, or has an ‘abrasive personality’. All of which can supposedly be corrected, but why? Clinical psychologists and behaviour therapists weren’t a necessity back in the caveman ages, it was a really intricate and complex social network -You hit me I hit you until one of us dies, otherwise we’re friends…

I think what has changed is our perception,  emotional conception  as well as a propensity to become offended. If we lacked all three of these, me calling you an asshole would be the same as calling you by your given birth name… Now put that in your cap and think about it.

That, is my intervention in your sequence for today.

Until next time stop staring at your feet when you walk, I’m tired of you bumping into me ass-hat.

One Response to “All I wanted was a pack of skittles…”

  1. I like how you tell me your blog isn’t going to be insightful and then I read that.

    I know exactly what you mean though. There’s this one guy at the station in Guelph who as soon as you start talking to him, will give you a complete, and I mean complete life story. There’s actually two guys who do that, but I run into one much more frequently than the other so that’s who I was thinking about while reading this.

    It’s so true. I think another factor in why many people don’t express their true feelings about others is because they want to be accepted. Not a lot of people are going to like someone who’s a complete ass to them. There’s definitely a fine line between being honest with someone and being a full fledged asshat, and that’s the thing. As soon as someone thinks one of your comments has gone overboard, you’re an asshole, even though suzy can say the same thing to them with a smile and a different vocabulary and it’s ok. It’s all about delivery.

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